Team work: we work very much as a team, although we aren’t financially rewarded for team effort we are recognised for it in other ways. Our targets over the 1/4 are all focussed towards team working and the reward is for the team i.e. team night out, activity days etc.

Every team has frequent meetings to discuss current vacancies, candidates that have been put forward for roles, feedback from interviews and any changes to the recruitment strategy as a result of that feedback. You will have a core portfolio of your own candidates and clients, however, our teams are set up to provide support and cover when you are away form your desk interviewing candidates, meeting clients or on holiday. It also means you can draw on each others backgrounds and experience when coming up with innovative ways to approach clients staffing needs and share knowledge of candidates and business leads.

You are also supported by the Kellan Group support functions whose contributions are invaluable to completing the recruitment life-cycle. RK has a committed Accounts department and every team in the company has dedicated administrative support, allowing you to concentrate your time to fee earn. The promotion of our recruitment service is supported by an in house marketing department.

“There is a vast difference between being an employee and being part of the team. Since joining RK the company has gone to extreme lengths to showcase a ‘no man left behind’ policy where I feel valued and involved when it comes to rewarding team efforts. Success is shared and each person has input towards the team goals as a whole – a fantastic incentive!

There has been developmental support throughout my time with the company. Since joining I have been nurtured and guided by the management team to achieve my own personal goals. With regular reviews and appraisals, my voice is heard and my concerns are met. Now, two roles later, I am progressing in an organic way beneficial to both myself and the business.

In admin support we work alongside the consultants to provide them the opportunity to achieve their targets. Our work is tangible and the consultants are always there to give their praise on a job well done!

Danny Grocott, Project and Administrator Lead, Leeds