Credit Control Interview Tips

If your application for a Credit Control position is successful, the next stage is being invited in for the interview. This is your chance to demonstrate your excellence. We’ve put together some tips to get you prepared.

The first thing to remember is your interview begins as soon as you walk through the door. Judgements can be made at the offset, sometimes even unintentionally. It goes without saying that you should arrive early, dress smart and greet the interviewer with eye contact and a firm handshake.                


Do your Research

Arriving at an interview with little knowledge of the company is a common mistake candidates make. Employers are going to be looking for someone that has a strong desire to work for their company. Lack of research can give the impression that you have no interest in the company or the role you have applied for.

Demonstrating you have researched the company’s background and values is essential in an interview. However, it is equally important to acquire knowledge of the credit-control industry as a whole. Although the primary foundation of the credit-control industry has remained the same, trends and techniques involved in managing credit risks are continually evolving. Disclosing you have a deep insight into current systems is one way for you to stand out from other candidates.

Example questions to be prepared for:

– What do you know about our business?

– Describe how you see the credit control industry developing in coming years?


Demonstrate key skills

Negotiation skills in this field are invaluable; as a credit controller, you will often be faced with clients who are late to pay or clients that may simply withhold payment altogether. Making sure a debt is settled can take strong negotiation skills and an ability to communicate professionally.

At this stage in the interview, you need to demonstrate to the interviewer you have the negotiation skills required for the role. An excellent way to do so is by providing an example of the specific process you would follow when prompting payment. For example, “To begin with, I would send the automated client reminders. Secondly, I would turn to regular calls. Finally, if the client is still refusing to pay, I would move towards a more formal approach, such as a letter.”

Credit controllers are responsible for ensuring prompt payments; therefore the interviewee is going to be looking for a candidate that can demonstrate they can negotiate with customers to get the amount needed in a business-like and professional manner.

Example questions to be prepared for:    

 – How would you deal with a client refusing to pay?

– How would you address a difficult subject with a customer?

– How effective are you in negotiation situations?


Be aware of the job description and match your experience accordingly

When going into the interview, it is crucial that you know the main focus of the role. One way an interviewer will assess if you’re the right candidate for their position will be by matching your previous experience with their job description. Therefore, when going into the interview, you need to be prepared to talk about your experience and apply it accordingly.

There are a couple of ways to use your experience to shine in an interview. Firstly using prior work history within this field to demonstrate your capabilities. Secondly, going into detail on the specific task you have performed in the past, for example, “I was responsible for ensuring prompt payments.”

Finally, you can discuss critical skills you have acquired through experience that will help towards you being successful in their role. At this stage, you want to display you have the key attributes of an ideal candidate. The use of real-life examples of when you were required to use these skills is an excellent way of demonstrating that you have the essential qualities required.

Essential Qualities:   

 – The ability to cope under pressure

– Excellent Communication skills

– Good Numeracy Skills

– Team player

– Confidence and persistence

– Willing to bring ideas to the table


Example questions to be prepared for:                                                              

– What experience do you have in credit control?

– What duties have you preformed already?

– Do you have any credit management qualifications?

– Tell me about your strengths and weaknesses that you feel are applicable to this role?

As the interview draws to a close, be prepared with a couple of questions for your future employer. Asking questions can display confidence and expose your genuine interest in the role. Like every job interview, when attending your credit control interview, preparation is vital. Do your research, and be prepared to apply your skills and experience to the main focus of the role, and you will stand out on the day.

Feeling ready to take on an interview for your ideal credit controller role? Get in touch today and we’ll help you find your next role.