If you are seeking a new, ideal role, then you should not go about it in a haphazard way. Instead, you should treat finding a job exactly as you would anything else that you are seeking to achieve – as a project.


Projects have a beginning point, an end point, a result, and several processes in between. The most important aspect of any project is, of course, that it is successfully managed.


When you manage a project you are managing it for one reason, and one reason alone – for it to be a successful one. If you take time to identify your job-hunting strategy, to plan each stage of your project properly, and to use best-practice guidelines, then you are most likely to end up with a successful outcome – in this case the acquisition of a new job or role.


Here is a simple ten step guide to some aspects you need to consider when planning your ‘finding the right job’ project:

  1. Apply only for jobs that you are qualified for. You will be wasting time applying for jobs that you are very unlikely to land, and your dream role is most likely to be one that you are qualified to do.
  2. Make sure you have a professional presence online.
  3. Do your research! Learn about the companies who you hope to be working for. You can use the services of a professional recruitment company – such as RK Accountancy and Finance Professionals – to help you do this.
  4. Practice your sales pitch. Remember that what you are selling is you! You should be able to tell anyone what they need to know about you within two minutes.
  5. Broaden your network. The more expansive it is, the most likely you are to find that dream role.
  6. Your CV should be your best sales tool. Make sure that it is!
  7. Be professional at all times, and look the part, even if you are meeting a fellow professional in a social environment – you never know what might develop!
  8. Don’t expect the same questions every time you are interviewed, and do expect possible ‘uncomfortable’ questions concerning your past employment history. If they arise, learn how to handle them.
  9. Listen! Your ability to hear and comprehend what is being said is just as important as your ability to ‘talk the talk’. When it is your turn to talk, though, speak clearly and positively.
  10. Stay focused. It can be hard work trying to land your dream job, but if you remain positive, stay on target and work hard, you’re more likely to complete your ‘job-seeking’ project successfully.


If this all sounds a bit too much, then don’t forget that there are plenty of services available here at RK Accountancy and Finance Professionals to enable you to get the very best out of your job-seeking efforts. Together we can work to help you find the precise role that you are hoping to seek.