Top tips for writing a fantastic CV

No matter how much experience you have or how many qualifications you’ve earned, the key to landing a fantastic job is creating a strong curriculum vitae (CV) that gets you noticed.


Unfortunately for many candidates, CV-writing is not a skill that comes naturally. You might find it uncomfortable to write flattering things about yourself, or maybe you just don’t know what makes a good CV. That’s why, here at RK Accountancy, we’ve put together a list of suggestions to help you create a resume that will help you on your way to your next opportunity.


Stand out from the crowd

Before you even begin writing your CV, make sure you’re thinking about the task in the right frame of mind. Think of your resume as an advertisement promoting you and demonstrating what can do for your potential employer. Start in a way that grabs the reader’s attention, and keep that momentum going throughout the document. Feel free to show off a bit of your personality, but be sure to keep the tone of the document professional.


  • Write an attention grabbing summary statement
    At the top of your CV, include a summary statement. This should give a clear and concise explanation of your most relevant skills, qualifications and achievements, to ensure that those who receive the document don’t miss any important points that would otherwise be hidden further down the page.
  • Focus on your achievements
    When writing a CV, don’t just talk about your responsibilities in your previous jobs. Instead, highlight how you excelled in the role. Wherever possible, give actual numbers – such as how much money you saved the company or a percentage of sales increase seen during your tenure.
  • Two pages maximum
    The people who will be reading your CV will be busy and won’t have the time or desire to read through pages and pages of information. So, keep your CV short and to the point. By limiting yourself to two pages, you force yourself to focus on only the most important and impressive information. Also, don’t use up valuable space listing references – potential employers know they can ask for this information when it’s needed.
  • Appearances count
    You wouldn’t show up to an interview in a sloppy t-shirt and torn jeans, and you shouldn’t send in a CV that looks unprofessional either. Take some time to clean up the formatting on your resume, and remember that the right balance of white space to text can really improve readability and visual aesthetics on the page – and it will help show that you care about the details.
  • Customise, customise, customise
    Once you’ve written a fabulous CV, it doesn’t mean you are done and can distribute it to tens of companies as is. Instead, make a point to customise your curriculum vitae for every vacancy, using keywords taken from the job description.
  • Proofread – then proofread again
    A single typing error or misspelled word could be enough for even the most impressive of CVs to be put in the bin, so keep checking the document. Spellcheck can help, but don’t rely on it completely. A trusted friend or family member could also read over your curriculum vitae to make sure it’s free from mistakes.


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