Your covering letter is the first thing a potential employer sees, it is therefore worth investing considerable time perfecting this to make it as relevant and expressive as possible. Whilst highlighting your existing skills that make you perfect for the role, a covering letter can speak volumes about your personality and ambitions.



  • Your covering letter should be specific to the role, tailoring your experience and skills to suit the job description. A generic letter will not give the impact that is necessary to engage the employer and ensure your CV is read
  • Explain why you want the position and the value you can add to the organisation
  • Display throughout that you have researched the company and are committed to becoming a part of its success
  • It is always worthwhile to have a friend read over the letter, checking grammar and spelling mistakes that may go unnoticed after you have re-read for the tenth time
  • Always check the basics: name, address, job reference and date